Conflict Photography Workshop

Conflict Photography Workshop // Mission

Conflict Photography Workshops are unique, in the fact they encompasses not only the majority of the skills taught on more traditional Hostile Environment Courses but also and crucially how to actually do ones job as a photojournalist safely and productively in those environments.

No professional soldier is sent to war without extensive training. Photographers who operate in exactly the same battle space without any training, experience or proper preparation put themselves in increased danger and potentially put others around them at risk also. Even basic training and forward planning can minimize the risks hugely.

Instances of extreme danger often last only seconds or minutes and can arrive without warning. Ones chances of surviving are multiplied if one has already properly prepared themselves for the danger and has a preplanned course of action ready.

The principle aim of Conflict Photography Workshops are to familiarize photographers who may be considering working in hostile environments, specifically war zones with the various threats they may encounter and to educate them on how to deal with these dangers and to operate with a higher degree of safety and security.

The NEXT course will run from 3rd to 9th November 2014


Our team of photographers and military advisors have a combined experience of more than 60 years spent working in many of the most dangerous places on earth including Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Chechnya, Syria, Sudan, Libya etc... Not only has their work appeared in every major publication in the world and they have received numerous awards for the work but most importantly they also have real time, first hand knowledge of dealing with the multiple threats and extreme risk associated with working in these war zones. The instructors all have battle tested proven competence and their bodies of work are a testament to the skills they have honed over their careers.

Over seven days participants will receive both theoretical and practical training in everything from Battle Field First Aid Drills and IED awareness through to editing, captioning and ethical behavior as well as how to work, survive and maintain themselves and their equipment in the field whilst covering combat operations.

This workshop will not ‘qualify’ you to work in a conflict zone nor are we actively encouraging people to enter dangerous situations but we do guarantee that by the end of this unique course you will be far better equipped and prepared for doing so.